Wednesday, December 5, 2012


      So, as soon as I found out about the release of the infamous Kardashian Cosmetics line: Khroma Beauty, I definitely wanted in on testing all of their much anticipated products. They sell Khroma at Ulta. There wasn't much selection/variety, because I went only a few days after the line debuted. They had false lashes in all shapes and sizes, the Au Naturel Nude Lip set, the exclusive Mascara Quartet, and a compact face palette called "Kardazzle" for each Kardashain sister (i.e; Kourtney's Kardazzle) that includes different shades of eye shadow, and blush/highlighter in each sister's palette.
I gave in and bought the Nude Lip set, even though I'm not a fan of nude lips. At least not on me, since I'm so pale. I also purchased the Mascara Quartet because let's get real, I'm a mascara junkie and I love buying and trying out new mascara... All the time!  
What I bought:
                              1. Nude Lip Set 'Au Naturel'.    2. Exclusive Mascara Quartet
Au Naturel Nude Lip Set result:
 It comes with a double sided pencil and a nude lip gloss. One side of the pencil is a nude lip liner, the other is a nude lipstick. The Lip gloss stinks. Literally. It's supposed to smell like "honey" but it smells nothing like honey or anything remotely close to it.
and this is how makeup-less I look with nude lips:
The Mascara Quartet comes with 4 fun sized mascaras.
                                      1. Eye Fidelity- Waterproof Mascara
                                      2. The Quickie- Lash Lengthening & thickening
                                      3. Whiplash- a "healthy" mascara to help lashes become luscious.
                                      4. Stroke Of Midnight- Volume & Faux Lash look
My favorite one? The Quickie!
Pictured above are my lashes after using 2 coats of it. I will most likely purchase the full sized version of this mascara. I find it really lengthens and thickens to my taste.
This is just my usual insta post-makeup, duck face. Wearing the Nude set.
Overall, despite the foul smell of the lip gloss, it seemed the quality of the line is just cheapy. I feel Loreal would be superior to Khroma any day. You can tell they just manufactured the product and figured if they put their name on it, it would sell. Hopefully with time, they'll improve the quality. .... and the odor!

Feel free to comment and ask any questions regarding any of these products!
xo, Alix

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  1. I'm glad to see you had time to finally post this! (: I had a feeling that their line of cosmetics would turn out to be just the name. However, like you said I hope that they improve the quality of it. The nude lips looks pretty, but the fact that it smells bad makes me not want to purchase this item at all! Something I'm dying to try is the mascara, it made your lashes long! I as well have very long lashes so I feel this product will do me good (: I wonder if the palettes would be any good, or if there even worth trying? Also I have a question do you put a liquid foundation everyday? I saw you use the Dior one according to your previous blog of what's in your make up bag, your skin always looks flawless! xo,Kim

  2. I know, it took me long enough, right? -__-
    So glad you read it! I reccommend the mascara! I really like it. I'm not much of an eyeshadow person, so I didn't give into the pallettes. But if you are, by all emans, try it and let me know.

    As for my foundation; I used to use liquid foundation daily, but now I use the Dr. Jart BB cream which I'm OBSESSED with!!!!!!!!! I apply the BB cream all over my face, then use a dual fibered brush to gently stroke a very light amount of foundation on spots I'd like extra coverage and blend it in all over my face. For foundation I'd def reccommend Dior Skin Forever! I love the finish. It's a perfect combo of dewy/matte. I personally like a slightly dewy finish for the day to look fresh. All depends on your skin type as well. People with oily skin shouldn't use a Dewy foundation cause it'll just make them look extra oily.

    Thanks for the feedback! I always appreciate it! XOXO

  3. It's ok I know how busy life can get with school, work etc (:

    I've been very curious about the BB creams, I'll give it a try and let you know how I like it!

    Do you only use the BB cream or do you use a powder after to set it? Also what concealers do you recommend? I don't have dark circles but I want it for coverage, it does make a difference!I've heard Clé de Peau is really good!?

    I love blogs & I enjoy yours! You're welcome! xo

  4. Yeah, I always set any liquid coverage with powder. I use Mac Mineralize powder. I've always used it.
    I looooooove concealer! lol Cle de Peau is super over rated, though. I ended up falling for it and paid the $70, but I never use. It settles in the lines. I love Make up forever's waterproof camoflauge concealer, also the Chanel one. Look them up!

  5. LOL I can imagine, my sister in law has very fair skin as wel and she can't live without it!!

    Thank you for the info, I'll give these products a try & I'll let you know! (: