Wednesday, September 5, 2012


   OK. Let me start off by saying I could be known as one of Kim Kardashian's "haters", but it's a hate and love thing. I love her style and how amazing her makeup always comes out. What I don't love is how she claims to be all natural when we all know there's nothing natural about Kim Kardashian. Anyway, I've been wanting to post an entry like this for months now. My best friend of 18 years Caro Weddle who happens to be a makeup artist (a fabulous one at that) decided to help me on this one. We're always into the latest fashion and makeup trends. She is my go-to girl for anything related to makeup. I've always been obsessed with looking highlighted under my eyes. Because I'm so white it's difficult to find a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than my skin tone. This isn't a new technique although Kimmy did make it her signature look to be highlighted and contoured at all times. Kim posted a "during & after" picture on instagram (@Alixlopez) during and post makeup. Caro and I basically got inspired and recreated the look. See below for photos of the name and colors of the products Caro used on me.

During & After:
Caro's endless Makeup kit

All of this =

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Feel free to leave a comment asking any questions regarding the makeup and technique used to create this look.

xo, Alix


  1. Hey! (: You don't know me but you do know my fiancé, George Morales from high school. I as well love make up & love Kim's Style so he showed me your Kim inspired make up picture on instagram! (: just wanted to say it came out great! & I love your blog. Can't wait to see more tutorials!

    xo, Kim

  2. That is SO sweet of you, Kim! I really appreciate feedback like this! And yes. I know George from Highschool. So happy for the both of you. Thanks again for the sweet comment xo

    1. Your welcome! (: Also just wanted to ask if you will do any videos? Just asking because I personally love video tutorials. They're so so fun! I love learning new techniques & learn more about products! I actually went to Nordstrom this weekend and purchased the Bobbi Brown hydrating face cream and eye cream! I love it! I decided to give it a try after seeing your blog.

    2. Yes! I am currently looking into buying a great camera, and I will definitely be posting videos. I'm so glad you like the hydrating moisturizers! It's so important to moisturize, and it's perfect for young women like us who don't need anti-age products. Enjoy! xo

      P.S Add me on instagram, that way you can know when I have a new blog post! :)

    3. Sounds great, Will do! :)