Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hellooo ladies & gentlemen!
I am so excited to share my new found obsession with you all! I recently made a stop at the LUSH store after I walked right by it when I went to Steve Madden at Dadeland Mall. It's such an appealing store to even walk by. It looks like a candy store. Colorful and bright. I couldn't resist. I was aware they made shampoos, because I had seen a bottle in my best friend's shower. I've been suffering from oily hair lately; I have to wash it every other day to be happy. So I thought I'd take a look at their shampoos and see if they had a shampoo to blast through this unwanted oil. Nevertheless, they did....and that's when My LUSH life began. All of their products are organic & vegan. Everything is fresh so every single product has an expiration date. I started off buying a shampoo and conditioner and a hair treatment and ended up going back days later to buy one of their facial cleansers, shower gel, dry shampoo, steam tab, moisturizer, serum, and another shampoo. So yeah, I'm obsessed.

Monday night I decided to indulge myself with a DIY mini facial. I bought a Lush Steam Tab( Dream Steam Tab, to be exact), which is a tab you drop in a bowl of boiling hot water, put your face over bowl and put a towel over your head so all the steam hits your face and "opens the pores" to decongest the dirt in them. It smelled amazing. It smells of lavender, which to me, is all the scent I need. It was a relaxing little experience.

Dream Steam Tab

This is the steam tab sizzling immediately after I dropped it in the hot water.

This is me in my leopard robe steaming away! Yes. This is how you're supposed to steam.

After I steamed, I put on my "Love Lettuce" fresh mask. By the way, It's literally fresh. It needs to be stored in the fridge and it expires in two weeks. This also smells of lavender. I love it! It's so cold and refreshing. My face is super soft after I wash it off.

Hair care:
Ahh, YES! This is what caused my lush obsession.

"I love Juicy" is my primary shampoo which smells like starburst candy (yum). It literally leaves my hair squeaky clean. I also feel like it volumizes as well (plus)

"Happy Happy Joy Joy" Conditioner smells like a dream!!!! There are no words for my love with this scent. It smells kind of like baby cologne. It perfumes your hair, so your hair smells amazing the day of and the day after. I wish it were a bit creamier, but the scent wins me over every time.

"No Drought" Dry Shampoo is also great. It's a powder you throw in your hair and rub into your scalp and it smells super fresh and clean. I love that it doesn't leave my hair stiff like the dry shampoo spray's I've used in the past. For those of you who use dry shampoo frequently, I'd definitely recommend.

"BIG" Shampoo. I bought this extra because I was so fascinated with the actual shampoo when I opened the little pot. It literally has coarse seal salt chunks in it. It's like an exfoliating shampoo except salt is supposed to be super volumizing and I love volume!

"Roots" hair treatment is an awesome minty treatment you massage into your scalp for the ultimate root lift. I love how it feels on my scalp. It's super tingly and refreshing. I'm trying to do it at least once a week.

"Sea Spray" Hair mist. This mist smells just like my Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner, so that's mainly why I bought it. (lol) I do use it to tame fly-aways when I pick up my hair and want it to smell UH-mazing.


"Full Of Grace" Face Serum. I love this stuff. You break apart a tiny edge of the block and rub it between your palms until it basically melts and lets out the oil, then rub all over your face. I use it at night since it's an oil and I don't want an oily face during the day. It's very hydrating and the chamomile in it, is so soothing and calming.

"Gorgeous" moisturizer. Smells like a delicious pineapple smoothie. I originally sampled this moisturizer and fell in love after a week. When it comes to the skin on my face, I'm very careful with ingredients and scents. This moisturizer was perfect in both those categories. It's all natural and smells phenomenal (like all of Lush's products)

"Flying Fox" Shower Gel is a honey & Jasmine gel that makes your bathroom smell like calming jasmine. The back of the bottle says the jasmine is supposed to really calm you when you're bothered and also, turn you on. HA HA! My brother doesn't like the smell of it, but I like it. It's feminine.

My overall review of Lush is "WOW"! 
I literally love everything! I love how all the products smell, and I love how they work. I definitely recommend all of you to go by and sample, buy, and try everything at the store. You wont regret it!

As always, feel free to comment for anymore deets.
xo, Alix


  1. You're making me want to go to LUSH & SPLURGE! Haha I have a few of their hair & face products, ah-mazing!

  2. YES! Goooo! You can also, visit the website and check out all of their goodies! That's how I really get tempted. I'm always on it to see what I can purchase next. haha! I wish I had a bath tub, cause they have amazing bath bombs, and bubble bars! splurge away, my friend!